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Andy Turner

Sales & Marketing Strategist obsessed with making clients, coaches, strategists and consultants more money working less time

Every business I get involved with ends with the same result… significant growth, time off & more bottom line profits for the business owner. After an award winning 23 year international corporate career, that included being the first commercial inductee into Diageo’s Hall of Fame, I made the brave decision to leave the highly compensated Corporate world & help small & medium size business owners become significantly more profitable.

I specialise in business makeovers, combining my world-class sales & marketing skills with my infectious enthusiasm, receiving multiple 5 Star Reviews from delighted SME owners across different industries.

I’ve published a couple of highly acclaimed books written to share my experiences, how to avoid the pitfalls & which simple strategies I’ve proven to build successful businesses FAST & I’ve just released my latest book “Financial Formulas For Success”.

Recognised at #4 in the “best business coaching services of 2020” – https://blog.hubspot.com/sales/business-coach#.W6BroxlF4QE.facebook
and #10 in the “50 best business coaches to follow in 2021” – https://www.lindseya.com/best-business-coaches

I’m a dedicated husband, father of four, & successful business owner, looking to make a positive impact, likely just like you. Everything I teach I apply myself to build a sustainable, socially conscious, profitable business.

Email me at andy@vanguardbusinesscoaching.com to book your 100k challenge.

For coaches/ consultants/ advisors/ marketing strategists:
We created Profit Acceleration SoftwareTM for Business Coaches. It finds any business owner up to $100k in 45 minutes without them spending an extra cent on marketing or advertising.

Our software finds your high end coaching fees prior to you starting with your new coaching client.

We also created our proprietary Digital Acceleration SoftwareTM where we show you how to find breakthroughs for any business in the key areas of digital marketing, along with the financial impacts that can be realised & the specific road-maps to implement solutions.

The digital-marketing-focused categories include:
Content Marketing
Website Optimisation
Email Marketing
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Social Media
Video Marketing
Metrics & KPIs

Please click here https://calendly.com/vanguardbusinesscoaching/30-minute-exploratory-discussion to book a Zoom call

Specialties: Business/ Sales/ Marketing strategies, Business Development, Business Coaching, Sales Management, Strategic Sales & Marketing, Business Planning, Business Leads Generation & much more.