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Anthoula Assimacopoulou

Life Coach | Supporting People to move Forward in Life

Meet Anthi

She was brought into this world to serve others.

Anthi’s story began in Ethiopia where she was born in a loving Greek family. She feels fortunate for growing up in an international community, which gave her a lot of experiences and colour in her life. She attended higher education in the UK and currently lives in Greece with her Italian husband and their three daughters. Her diverse background and global perspective, gives her a unique understanding of the world and its diverse peoples. She speaks multiple languages and has built a network of friends all around the globe.

Anthi knew from earlier on in life, that her purpose was to reach out and make a difference in the world by serving others. Living in Ethiopia for the most part of her life and working in public health; leadership; and teaching roles; she had countless opportunities to help and support people in different ways.

It has been common for people around her, including family, friends, colleagues, and even strangers, to approach her, just to talk to her. She has always loved connecting to people on a deep level. She eventually developed the desire to equip herself with the tools to enable her to help people in meaningful ways, that would make a real difference in their lives.

Coaching in Anthi’s life

Anthi’s first encounter to coaching was at a time when she herself lacked clarity about the direction of her life. At the time she also had quite a low self-esteem and lacked the motivation and excitement to look forward into her future. After her experience, she was able to dream again, believe in her abilities and realised that it was up to her to make her dreams come true.

She was so inspired by her coach and what she was able to do with her that she decided to get coaching training to get equipped with skills that would allow her to do what she loved doing really well. Becoming a professional coach has now made it possible for Anthi to not only listen, but to use powerful skills and techniques to help and support people in ways that can make a difference in their lives.

The ways that coaching can help people

Coaching conversations are amongst the most valuable conversations anyone can have. This is because they have the power to change a person’s life! Being coached is like having the possibility to talk with someone who cares; who truly listens and understands; who doesn’t judge; who wants to see you succeed; who helps you see things differently; who helps you plan your next steps and who supports you take the steps to progress forward.

Everyone experiences moments when they would like to talk to someone who would just listen, or who could help them take the next step in life. Some of the common reasons why people choose to be coached include:

· to work though a challenge;

· to manage overwhelm;

· to cope with changes and transitions;

· to work towards achieving a goal;

· to make an important decision;

· to gain clarity and a sense of direction in life;

· to improve self-esteem.

Her experience in working with various people so far, regardless of where they are in life, has made Anthi understand something very important. Every single person, regardless of their circumstances, has a huge potential inside of them. Very often, their potential is much more than they realise themselves. It excites Anthi to closely work with people as they discover parts about themselves that they were not even aware of. It makes her so happy to see people take bold steps towards a life that truly fulfils them and makes them happy. She knows that everyone can thrive with the right support.

She truly believes that we all need a coach in our lives since we can all benefit from talking to someone who really listens. She is extremely thankful to be a part of a circle of colleagues who coach her as well.

Anthi’s skills set

Anthi has an innate ability to connect with people on a very deep level. She is empathetic, and her clients know that she genuinely wants to help them. They also feel comforted that her guidance will help them make the next steps in the right direction in their life.

She is confident that everyone she works with, provided that they really want to work on themselves, will undoubtedly move forward in their life. Her friendly nature makes it easy for her clients to talk to her. She has a gentle but firm approach, which helps clients feel encouraged and challenged to make strong, confident, and life-changing steps forward. She tailors her approach to each individual, as she understands that every person’s needs and circumstances are unique.

Anthi is very good at helping people have clarity about what they really want and is committed to help them get it. She is also talented in motivating people. She knows that everyone can thrive with the right support.

Client Testimonials

Margarita Vandeneva – Piano Teacher

“Anthi is a very compassionate and empathetic coach. She understands the client deeply. She helped me a lot for getting inspired and motivated for my new projects and to start them NOW. She is also very good at keeping me accountable for my actions and the decisions I took. Thank you, Anthi!

Georgi Barakov – System Maintenance Engineer

“Anthi is very empathic coach. She always understand me and support me. I have never feel more safer than in our sessions. She listens very careful and reflects to me, so I become more aware of myself. She is very good with topics as life balance, handling

overwhelming in life and building great habit leading towards goals achievement. Definitely recommend Anthi and look forward to have coaching from her.”

Meron Desalegn – Professional Nurse

“Anthoula has been an incredible encouragement and help for me over the past 4 years. She has helped me to navigate things in my life and achieve things that I never thought possible for me to achieve. I really didn’t believe in myself but she believed in me and now as I look back at what I was able to accomplish I’m so amazed and thankful. She has an incredible gift to encourage, inspire, motivate and bring out the best in people. She is truly gifted as a life coach and I can’t imagine my journey without her. She has a vast amount of wisdom and is always ready to listen. All of this she does with genuine joy, sincerity and love.

How you can reach out to Anthi if you feel like you can benefit from her coaching Email her directly at anthi.gr21@outlook.com to schedule a time to have a chat.

You can also reach her on WhatsApp at +251911489480

To see more details about her experience and background visit her Linkedin account: linkedin.com/in/anthoula-assimacopoulou

It is her honour to work with you if you are looking to move forward in life.

“Let your smile change the world, but don’t let the world change your smile.” Connor Franta.