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Brent Filson

Award-Winning Leadership Authority helping leaders worldwide who are struggling to achieve outstanding results.

For 37 years (18 of which I consulted with GE leaders during the Jack Welch era), I’ve been helping thousands of leaders of all ranks and functions in top companies worldwide make fundamental changes in the way they lead so they achieve outstanding results every day.

I accomplish this mainly by having leaders replace their traditional presentations with my specially developed, motivational process called “The Leadership Talk.”

A presentation is about formatting and communicating information, but the Leadership Talk not only communicates information, it establishes deep, motivational connections with the audience so they choose to take action that achieves great results.

This transformation begins when leaders, instead of saying, “I’m going to give a presentation,” say, “I’m going to give a Leadership Talk.” Knowing how to rigorously develop and deliver Leadership Talks – and deliver them consistently – makes a world of difference in terms of how the leader perceives the situation, what that leader says, and what results accrue.

Leaders who aren’t acquainted with Leadership Talks are making less of a motivational impact and getting a fraction of the results they are capable of.

Organizations that don’t incorporate Leadership Talks into their leadership and communication activities are doing a disservice to their employees, leaders and investors.

• COACHING/CONSULTING with individuals, teams, and total organizations.
* WRITING: I am the author of 23 books and hundreds of articles on leadership.
* MEDIA PERSONALITY. I’ve been interviewed on more than 150 radio/tv programs and have been featured in magazines.
• LECTURING: I have lectured at Columbia University, Middlebury College, MIT’s Sloane School of Business, Boston College, Wake Forest University, Williams College, Villanova, and more; and spoken before many dozens of private, non-profit and government organizations.