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BRIAN J G mitchell

I help Business owners with | Mindset| Goal setting| Growth strategies | Stress|Overwhelm| Finding Joy again | And just enjoying life to the fullest as a business owner

My Name is Brian J G Mitchell.

I have a beautiful daughter Hailie, and my close family are my mum Yvonne,Dad Nelson and My Brother Neil

My background is that I have been part of a successful family roofing business which is still going after 30 years and because I’ve lived through all the pains and struggles, ups and downs I am extremely passionate about helping others be able to avoid certain pitfalls with the wrong mindset or strategies

I was also in a Coma 8 years ago and was told by doctors I might never speak properly again, walk properly again and my memory might stay that bad forever, which after he told me that I must have forgotten what he said ( lol ).
Because I was giving a bag of tablets and asked to come back monthly.
I threw the tablets in the bucket and never went back to the doctor.

After 5.5 years of pounding sore heads and glazed eyes, one day I woke up and everything was clear; my head, my eyes: everything. It was one of the most profound and remarkable moments of my life.
How did I do it? My mum taught me the science of the mind before my accident and that thoughts become your reality; and life is a reflection of our inner beliefs so every day, no matter what, what I told myself “I am getting better” internally.

Yeah, I had bad days and the journey had its ups and downs just like most journeys towards a goal but I created that belief in my mind and it came true.

After 6 years I went to see a neurologist of my own accord and she told me I was the most remarkable recovery she had seen from where I was to where I am today.

I ran my first half marathon in Stirling this year and now I am planning a full one next summer.

Mindset is everything
Choose your thoughts wisely

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