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David Monro-Jones

Executive & Leadership Coach | Team Performance Coach | Coaching Supervisor

I am a professionally trained, highly qualified, and experienced Accredited Fellow Coach, Accredited Master Mentor, Certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach® (SCC), Certified Team Performance Coach, Certified PCM® trainer/facilitator and a Cultural Transformation Tools consultant. I have a Master’s in Management Learning and am qualified in the use of several world-class assessments for leadership, teams, organisational and personal development. I am also a qualified coaching supervisor.

An adaptive and data-driven coach, I utilise my wealth of knowledge and  deep  insights from my diverse experience and continuous learning  to  benefit  everyone  I work with. My approach is unapologetically direct and challenging as I believe the key to improvement is getting to the root cause of any issue.

Being a naturally perceptive person with a warm personality, I aim to make everyone feel comfortable upon meeting me. With my thought-provoking and no-nonsense coaching style, I have a knack for raising awareness of the unseen — making way for a deeper, quality exploration to take place that allows individuals to recognise their weaknesses and work through them together with the coach and achieve their ultimate goals.

I have conducted thousands of hours of coaching, consultancy, and development sessions. I work with individuals, teams, executives, leaders, and organisations at all levels. I also coach and assess other coaches in their accreditation applications. There is little that I have not dealt with and very little, if anything, surprises me. I have driven leadership and cultural change programmes as well as numerous organisational development initiatives including talent management, succession planning, team development, employee engagement and creating coaching cultures.

My wide-ranging experience gives me a deep insight into the challenges faced by the individuals, teams, and organisations I works with. A Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), I  have held senior roles with world leading B2B organisations and currently serve as Operations Director with the International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring (IAPC&M).

I comfortably work at individual, operational, tactical, and strategic levels.

To learn more, email me at david@perceptualreality.co.uk to arrange a complimentary consultation.


Q Why we care at Perceptual Reality

We passionately believe that people matter; it is the driving force behind everything we do. We embrace ‘primum non nocere’ – ‘first, do no harm’. We strongly believe that any interaction that involves working with people on a cognitive, emotional, psychological or behavioural level must be conducted by someone who is professionally trained, qualified and accredited. This really matter to us. Would you undergo surgery from an unqualified or untrained physician? Would you let an unqualified or untrained mechanic service the brakes of your car?
People matter. You matter, and that’s what we care about. We care about helping those we work with to achieve what is important for them. We bring passion, understanding and commitment to every interaction and engagement we undertake.

We have a golden rule. If we are not equipped or qualified to help, we will tell you and recommend someone else.

Q Why we are ideally positioned to help

Essentially, we care! Furthermore, we are professionally trained, qualified and accredited in the field that we are so passionate about. We have undertaken thousands of hours or coaching, counselling, consultancy and development work across a wide range of industries and sectors. We draw upon our commercial and life experiences, as well as the world class training we have received and continue to explore, to co-create solutions that fulfil your needs and are sustainable. We never lose sight of meeting your requirements and we never impose something you don’t need or want.

Q How to Request a call back

We appreciate that a website cannot answer all of your questions. If you would prefer us to call you to discuss your specific requirements, please complete the form and press submit. We'll be in touch very shortly.