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Dhiren Desa

Think Xponential- I help owners of small & mid size businesses scale exponentially by creating innovative business models and blue ocean products, using proprietary frameworks. Talks about #business, #strategy, #marketing, #innovation, and #digitalmarketing

As a business owner or founder, you know the statistics.

The longer you stay in the game, the more the odds that you could run into trouble.

Starting a business with your big idea or passion is the easy part.

Sustaining it, growing it, fighting off the competition, and numerous other business complications can make you take your eye off the ball.

In my 36 years of experience in marketing and strategy, I’ve noticed that there are three major pitfalls for business owners/founders.

1. Finding the right people ( I can’t help you with that)
2. Re-imagining your marketing (my expertise)
3. Struggling with cash flow ( I help you unlock untapped cash)

Based on my unique location in the heart of Europe, Switzerland, I can also help you expand your market in this region and meet your high-value customers face to face.

To better understand my thinking, skim through my posts.

Or bite the bullet and message me for a time to speak on zoom.

I do guarantee that both of us will walk away enriched by the interaction.