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Elizabeth Fried

Received the 2022 Global Business Award for Best in Executive Coaching from Corp Today Magazine and in 2021 for Most Outstanding in Executive Coaching, Best in Executive Coaching & Training Services Provider, West USA

Affectionately known by clients as the no-nonsense, “heat-seeking missile,” I quickly get to heart of the matter to establish the real issues. This enables clients to rapidly move forward and successfully achieve their goals.

While I’m pleased to share with you that I recently received the global award for “Best in Executive Coaching for 2022,” from “Corp Today Magazine,” it’s ironic. Why? Because as of November, 2021, I implemented a strategic initiative to free up my time to pursue creative & philanthropic interests. Thus, I’ll be limiting my full-fee executive coaching engagements to a maximum of 2 per year. This will give me the time to offer 2 partial coaching scholarships for those who want help but may not receive financial support from their companies. These scholarships can be 6, 12, or 18 months. If a candidate qualifies as “scholarship worthy,” I’ll match a portion of the fee for the selected program. To learn about my coaching programs, style, and client results visit my my site at www.executivecoachingfirms.com Then, if interested, call my landline at 760.598.8888 to discuss whether you’re eligible for this gift. If I can’t help you, I’ll refer you to a skilled & trusted colleague.

I also plan continuing to offer pro bono coaching through The Honor Foundation for military special operations forces (Navy SEALs, Marine Raiders, Green Berets, etc.), helping them transition from the military to the civilian workforce. This is truly my heart work, and I’m grateful that I can contribute.

These positive changes enable me to stay active in my field while I pursue my creative interests as an actor & model in commercials, voiceover & print. I’m having great fun with this new venture, so to boost my activity, I created a website specifically to reflect my skills. You can check it out by going to www.elizabethfried.com There you’ll see my photographic character versatility as well as some film & commercial reels. Between the photographs by Ann Landstrom (www.annphotography.com) and the web design by Michael Karpienski (www.upandupspace.com), I’ve already been able to book number of projects with well-known companies. Once these projects are released, I’ll share them on my site. The bottom line is: After 40 years in business, now is my time to have fun!

On occasion, I’ll accept requests for keynotes & workshops from professional & executive groups for programs such as “Executive Presence: How to Act Like a CEO”​ and “Hiring Superstars .” I will also consider a paid corporate board position if it is a good fit and I can add value.