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Jaya Lisa Saunders

Reclaim & connect to your true self. Opening & embracing change. Coaching & mentoring

?????? 30 ????? ?? ???????? ???????? I have had the privilege of supporting and witnessing positive, real and lasting changes in many people from many cultures. ?

??? ? ? hands on ????-??-????? educator, facilitator and body-worker.

I support and encourage the processes of unfolding and unwinding of layers of physical and mental restrictions, tensions and stressors (often related to chronic stress and or trauma)

Drawing on my wealth of experience and many years of private practice in using a range of modalities such as ??????? ?????????????, ?????? ??? ???????? ???? ??????e ????? ??????? (?????? ???????) ?????????? ???????????? ???????, ???, ????????? ????????, ?????? ???????, ???????????? #health #wellbeing #antistress #breathwork #massage

I will educate, support and guide you to release chronic tension, discomfort, aches and pains. To learn how you can strengthen and support optimum health including your immune system, increase your energy, feel lighter and freer in both body and mind.

?? ?????? ????? ?? ??????, ?? ?? ???? when I discovered Swedish massage. I found myself in awe of the physical body. Then I discovered the connection between body and mind. My healing journey had begun!

????? ???? ? ???? ????????? ? ???. I have Lived in Victoria Australia for more than half my life. New Zealand and UK have also been my homes. Currently I live and practice in Biel-Bienne Switzerland.

Throughout my years of experience, I have come to believe that ??? ?????? ??? ?? ?????????? ??? ? ?????????? ?? ??? ??????????? ????.


Go to my contact details above and book yourself a FREE 45 minute discovery call via zoom or Skype. Here we can say HI ? have a chat and see if we fit to continue to work together to achieve amazing ? results.

??? ?? ????? ?? ???????? ???????? ???????? ??? ??? ???????? ?? ??? ??????? ??? ????????? ??? ?? grow and to ???? ??? lasting ??????? ? ?????? ?? ?

I am looking forward to meeting you soon ?



Think of me as a tour guide for helping you transform your well-being. This is your ticket to becoming connected with your body, your mind and your heart!

I am an experienced and qualified mature aged health care practitioner with a zest for life!

Those niggles, aches, discomforts and overwhelming stresses you experience day to day, month by month could be the signposts for change. Maybe your body trying is trying to tell you something.

Are you ready to listen?

What do your words and thought patterns say about what’s really going on underneath the surface? Is it possible to transform the habits that are limiting you?

Finding the essence or true nature of yourself is the pathway to joy and happiness. To get there we need an integrated balance of body, mind and spirit. Physical and emotional events can lead to one or all of these being out of whack. Pain manifests in different ways. Sometimes we get stuck, holding ourselves back.

But we can find relief. We can heal. And while it might not always be easy, you can create change. Body awareness and emotional awareness are the means to living your truth, and the tools you need to embrace your life with ease.

I will observe your cues, and support you to find the clues.

My tool kit includes a range of hands-on bodywork treatments and mindful, cognitive approaches. See website tabs for infos.

My consultations give insights and practical ways to go deep enough to get rid of the excess baggage. My professional guidance will connect you to the potential you know is there, but have been unsure how to reach.

I offer workshops and individual sessions, face-to-face or online via Skype.