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Lesley Tait

Helping professional women build resilience and break through burnout. ➡️ Forbes-featured Wellbeing Coach

Maybe you project confidence and certainty, appear out-going and to everyone else it looks like you have it all. 

But underneath you feel a bit lost. You’re just about holding it together and you can’t find your footing in life. 

There’s something not quite right. You might not be able to pinpoint exactly what causes this constant low level of anxiety but you’re fed up of comparing yourself to others and constantly wondering ‘why can’t I just get my act together?!’

You would love to feel calm and content rather than second guessing yourself all the time and feeling overwhelmed by your thoughts and feelings; that constant inner dialogue pulling you down.

You crave life satisfaction, work-life balance, joy, happiness without feeling guilty doing the things you love.

Are you everyone else’s biggest cheerleader but rarely your own? Are you putting everyone before yourself? Maybe you just can’t see how you can progress in your career because you’re just about keeping your head above water?

Perhaps you’ve read some books, listened to some podcasts or even tried some therapies but nothing has really resulted in meaningful change. It doesn’t seem to stick and all your good intentions drift away as the chaos of life distracts you from them.

Often we get stuck between our projected self and our authentic self. Our heads know what we need to do but our emotions say something else and we become frustrated.

I work with professional women who are stuck in survival mode, stuck in stress, overwhelm. Who have far too much on their plate. Who want to progress their careers but can’t find a way out of their funk.

If this resonates with you and you’re considering getting in touch, here’s how it works:

1. You book a free coaching session – I offer everyone a free session so they can decide if coaching is for them.
2. I listen to you and if I can help you I explain how.
3. If you like me you sign up, if you’re not feeling it I won’t try to convince you. There has to be rapport and not everyone is a good fit for each other!
4. You sign a contract and pay your fees.
5. I send you your free hamper (yes it includes chocolate!)
6. We get to work.

If you’d like to book a free coaching session you can do so through my website www.hersupremeself.com or by private messaging me.

07739 117030
[email protected]
www.hersupremeself.comIs your professional life


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