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Petra Juhaszova

Systemic & Holistic Life Coach. EFT. Reiki. Systemic/Family Constellations. Find your inner compass - Building Bridges and Healing Hearts.

The holistic approach I practise acknowledges that we are part of multiple systems – within ourselves (mind, body, heart) and external systems (family, colleagues, friends, nations, etc). While we want to experience a sense of belonging to one, can mean being excluded from another one. Then how do we know what we should do?

We all have inner knowledge. We all have the answers we are looking for within ourselves. It is just hard to hear it. When we are able to reconnect with our inner compass again, we are able to take action from a more balanced place. It isn’t about avoiding challenges but how to regain our balance when we’ve been challenged and live through that challenging experience. 

Find your inner compass, build bridges and heal hearts. 

It is only when we know ourselves and our reaction (why we decide on one particular reaction instead of another one), that we can choose a different reaction to experience a different outcome. This isn’t a continuous progress. It is filled with setbacks as well. And right in those setbacks, you will be able to make amazing progress if you choose to. 

In my work, I adopt a wide range of approaches to meet individual needs. It brings me joy when I see the people I work with feeling heard, seen, understood and to belong. Having a background in Childcare, Education and a short time in the corporate world, I experienced how important it is to help people to see their potential & possibilities for stepping in the right direction for them. Or allowing the next step to appear and take the necessary actions.

I also speak Hungarian, Slovak, and a little bit of French. 

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Q What is my approach?

The holistic approach I practise, understands that we are individuals who are both systems of mind, body, and spirit but also part of a wider system of family, work, society, and beyond.

I believe that we can’t completely separate ourselves from the world around us as we are part of it. However, when we know how to stay balanced and at peace within ourselves, we are able to bounce back after our hardships. The key is in our reaction, and what we make out of the things happening around us.

I work relationally which means that in our sessions you are encouraged to explore and understand how early experiences, past relationships, and even your family’s history impact your present difficulties, all whilst I am holding a safe place for you and supporting you along the way. Trust and mutual respect are really important in this work

Q Ways to assist you

Systemic & Holistic coaching, Systemic/Family constellations, EFT, Reiki are all different ways that I can assist you with your transformation.

Systemic & Holistic Coaching – helps you by setting up a 3D map of the different components of your desired state involving mind, body and deeper knowing (intuition). You will get new insights from looking at this map and from there the inspired action to take will arise.

Systemic/Family Constellations – allows you to see the hidden dynamics between your personal difficulties through the lens of your family system. You will have a better understanding not just on a cognitive level but also on a soul level.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) – helps you to work through any emotional distress in a supportive way. At the end, you will feel different in connection to your ‘problems’ and will learn a hands on technique to manage the emotional peaks and valleys you might experience.

Reiki – allows you to feel relaxed, and helps your self-healing abilities. Regular reiki TREATments contribute to your general well-being and balance.