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Rohit Nanda

Supporting global businesses & advising purpose-led leaders to achieve greater profitability, growth and impact | Start Up & SME Business Profitability Advisor | Creating Profit Acceleration Roadmaps | Investor | Mentor

What can you do?

Most businesses feel that the only way to grow is to spend on marketing and advertising BUT until you have got your fundamentals in place, it’s pointless but there are many other things that you can focus on.

My job is to help you find them & increase profitability without overwhelm.

Over 25+ years working in a range of businesses and sectors globally, from multinationals like UBS, Nomura & GE Capital through to start-ups & SMEs.

After many years within these bigger organisations, I realised that I wasn’t making the impact that I craved. I became sick of the corporate games & the work life imbalance. I felt tired, drained & even in the smaller firms, the need to continually fire fight was exhausting.

In late 2018, I made the decision that it was time to take back control & work on my own terms.

Scale ups & small/ medium businesses are so important to the economy and yet they receive so little quality advice & support.

It was time to step up & change that!

That’s why Palgrave Consulting & The Business Troubleshooter were set up.

✅ MY EXPERTISE: For over 10 years, I’ve run a growing food business with my wife & have worked with many entrepreneurs helping them grow their business.

I’ve run a Fintech start-up for over 6 years & know all about the roller coaster that a business owner is on from week to week. At times, it was emotionally draining & distracting me from my strategic goals until I worked out how to control them.

I FOCUS on the bigger picture – to visualise, propose and implement realistic solutions that adds income to your business without spending anything more on marketing.

✅ WHO ARE MY CLIENTS: I work directly with impact driven leaders in start-ups, scale ups and small & medium size businesses.

Having a growth mindset is key & if you have that, we should speak.

I help you find profits, provide structure & roadmaps to give you the confidence on how to move your company forward.

✅ HOW DOES THIS WORK: We start with a 15 minute Discovery Call to find out if you are a good fit.

✅ WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT: I believe that business is not as complex as you might think & you deserve quality advice.

I don’t teach theory & believe in ACTION takers.

My clients tell me that “I’m highly approachable, trustworthy and work with true integrity.”

If you want to see dramatic increases in leads, sales & profitability I can help.


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