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Suzanne Simmons-Lewis

Swap your straight jacket for a bespoke suit

Suzanne Simmons-Lewis (MA, BA Hons)

I’m a qualified executive and personal performance coach and author with more than two decades’ experience in journalism and communications strategy.  I deliver a holistic and integrated approach to achieving personal, career and business success through bespoke coaching programmes and consultancy services.

I work primarily with ambitious and high performing women to swap their metaphorical “straight jacket “for a bespoke suit. My signature model for unlocking the core identity enables clients to connect with who they REALLY are and create alignment with what they TRULY want, eliminating stress, burnout and inner conflict. Women gain the insight and confidence to step into their unique purpose.


I started my professional life as a print journalist in newspapers and specialist magazines. In 2010 I trained as a coach when I recognised a common theme across all of my work was unlocking hidden potential within people and identifying fresh possibilities in projects to exceed expected results.  My greatest satisfaction in work has been empowering others to succeed.

I initially focused on executive and career coaching but soon discovered how vital a holistic approach was for my clients – to succeed in their careers, they had to succeed in their lives as well.  At the very foundation, my clients’ true understanding of who they really were was unclear. Therefore, their goals and achievements were empty victories. They experienced an inner conflict, a sense that something was missing.


I developed a model for the core identity in a space where one did not exist. I have used this as the foundation for my clients to connect with who they really are, to take off their mask and go after what they truly want.

This method is the basis for sustainable and authentic transformation and has enabled numerous women to achieve success and fulfilment in their personal and professional lives.


WHO AM I? Swap Your Straight Jacket for a Bespoke Suit, takes women on an in-depth journey of transformation to get to the core of who they really are to live a genuine life with passion, clarity and purpose.

The process involves breaking free from the mask of acceptance and challenging limiting beliefs to foster confidence, personal growth, impact and healing. By recognising your true value and potential, you will unlock your unique strengths and natural talents and give yourself permission to use them.

It’s packed with inspiring stories, thought provoking case studies, practical exercises and in-depth reflection for a challenging yet enjoyable journey to transformation.



If you want a coach who is genuinely is interested in what makes you YOU and helping you to embrace that person, my model and method of coaching will help you to achieve this. Because we are all different, I take a bespoke approach that reflects your core identity for more effective and sustainable results.

In addition to my expertise as a coach and communicator, I use warmth, humour, storytelling, spirituality, intuition and creativity to enlighten, unblock, motivate and challenge you in your coaching journey to transformation.

I don’t believe in achieving goals for goals’ sake. I am interested in the deeper meaning for everyone’s lives. We are all created for a specific purpose. To be at one with yourself (inside and out) is the springboard to fulfilling your true potential and enjoying it. To be the best and truest version of YOU.


My mission is to help women free themselves to be who they really are so they can fulfil their divine purpose and be all that God has created them to be, while experiencing the joy and peace of inner acceptance.


  • A track record in coaching and communications consultancy
  • Corporate and Executive Coaching Diploma (Institute of Leadership and Management Level 7 qualification)
  • A qualified Personal Performance Coach (International Coach Federation accredited diploma)
  • Batchelor of Arts degree in Politics
  • Master of Arts degree in Journalism
  • Over 2500 coaching hours