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Tineke Tammes

Career & Creativity Coach

Career & Creativity Coach | Artist | Multi-passionate | Portfolio career enthusiast

I’m a Career Coach, helping creative, multi-passionate, professional women transform their career. 

I also am a multi-passionate. Someone with multiple passions, a multitude of skills, interests and lots of projects in various stages of completion. (And if you want to know more about what other projects I have on the go I strongly suggest you keep reading!). 

I only found out I was a multi-passionate a few years ago. 

It explained a thing or two about why I was feeling restless, unsettled, constrained. 

It also explained why I felt most comfortable when I was dealing with change. 

You see, ​I know a thing or two about change. Not only have I spent 13 years working as a Change Manager, supporting people through organisational and IT changes.

I also went through my own fair share of change. After 25 years of working in careers in real estate, community development and change management I’ve now landed myself firmly in career number 4, coaching. 

In other words, I know first AND second hand the emotional roller coaster any change, but particularly a career change can be. I know how frustrating it can be to feel stuck in a career that no longer feels like you. I know how this feeling of ‘Is this it?’ can niggle away at you. How all you want is to create YOUR version of career freedom. Do ALL the things you want to do. Now and in the future. 

But above all what I’ve learned is that there is no change without action! Because sitting on your sofa, trying to google your way to an answer is not how career change happens.

Instead I have condensed my experience and knowledge of career change, managing personal change and women in the workplace into a structured programme helping you to create a career of FREEDOM, FLEXIBILITY and FULFILMENT.