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Wayne Hartley

UK Coach: Your Journey to Success & Excellence

Creation of ‘Hartley Development Coaching’: A New Beginning

I stand before you as a newly qualified coach and the proud founder of ‘Hartley Development Coaching.’ My journey has led me to develop a robust skill set that combines coaching models like GROW, OSCAR, and the CLEAR model into a comprehensive approach. It’s a journey anchored in my commitment to each client, one that begins with the meticulous crafting of bespoke contractual agreements. These agreements serve as the foundation upon which we build clear objectives and boundaries. As a coach Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques have captivated my interest, revealing the magic of coaching. These techniques along with a reflective understanding of diverse learning styles, has allowed me to customize my coaching methods, ensuring that every coaching experience is tailored, impactful, and life-changing. My true calling lies in supporting individuals, guiding them on the path to unlock their full potential and manifest their aspirations into tangible achievements. ‘Hartley Development Coaching’ stands as a testament to the catalytic role of motivation, transformation and growth.

Where it all began….

A Foundation of Nurturing: The Children’s Care Home

The roots of my coaching journey trace back to a children’s care home, where I devoted eight formative years to nurturing and creating a growth-focused environment for the children in my care. These invaluable years ignited my passion for empowering individuals to overcome challenges and succeed. It was here that I realized the potential within each child, a realization that would begin to shape my life’s path.

A Decade of Dedication: The Early Help Intensive Family Support Team

Over the past 10 years, I’ve been an integral part of the Early Help Intensive Family Support Team under Hertfordshire Children’s Services. In this role, I’ve worked closely with families facing complex issues, further honing my coaching skills, particularly in health and social care. It’s been a decade of growth, both for the families I’ve served and for myself a journey of transformation and empowerment.

The Birth of Transformation: Motivational Advice & Guidance Training

One of the highlights of my journey has been the development of the “Motivational Advice & Guidance Training” program. This program has received exceptional feedback, and it has allowed me to incorporate a coaching approach more comprehensively into my work. Attendees have joined me on an exciting journey setting realistic and tangible goals, recognising and overcoming limiting beliefs, whilst reconnecting with what they value most in life. Witnessing the profound impact of coaching on personal and professional growth has been a source of immense pride, solidifying my commitment to this transformative field.

A Lifelong Learner: Embracing Growth

My educational journey is a tapestry of qualifications, each contributing to my unique skill set. From a Foundation Degree in Coaching to certifications in childcare, health and social care, music technology, information technology, carpentry, and graphic design, each piece enriches my coaching practice. As I venture into the next chapter in my life, I am committed to ongoing learning and development to become the best version of myself, assisting me in best serving my clients.

A Proactive and Dedicated Coach: Navigating Challenges with Enthusiasm

As a proactive and dedicated coach, I embrace new challenges as opportunities to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. My work is distinguished by initiative, reliability, and dependability. Reliability is not just a habit but a testament to my commitment to excellence. Exceptional planning and organizational skills underpin my work, ensuring that every coaching journey is well-structured and impactful.

Spreading Positivity: A Bubbly Personality and Motivation

Managing teams of professionals and collaborating closely with key stakeholders is an extension to my experience and expertise. My approach is distinguished by a bubbly, positive, and motivated personality that spreads optimism and motivation, inspiring those around me. My inherent happy-go-lucky character uplifts spirits and contributes to a positive environment for growth and transformation.

As I write this, I anticipate the chapters yet to be written. My journey continues, and with each coaching session, I am honoured to be a part of the transformation and growth of individuals, turning their aspirations into tangible achievements. Here’s to the next chapter and may we continue to inspire and empower one another.


Q Why choose Hartley Development Coaching?

If you are ready to embark on a new life path to become the best version of yourself, your journey begins here!